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The West Alabama Human Trafficking Task Force is comprised of approximately 35 sworn and non-sworn personnel from Tuscaloosa Police Department, Northport Police Department, The University of Alabama Police Department, Tuscaloosa County Sheriff’s Office, Tuscaloosa County District Attorney’s Office and Trafficking Hope. The task force is assisted by the Attorney General’s Office and multiple federal agencies including Homeland Security and the FBI.  Along with investigating human trafficking cases, the task force also works cases involving sextortion, solicitation and promotion of commercial sex. The task force also has members certified in investigating Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) and are members of the Alabama Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.




West Alabama Human Trafficking Task Force Mission Statement

The West Alabama Human Trafficking Task Force is dedicated to the eradication of human trafficking in all its forms through:

1.  The enforcement of all civil, local, state and federal laws.

2. Raising awareness through educating the public and other law enforcement agencies on human trafficking signs and internet based solicitation crimes.

3. Create partnerships with other law enforcement and non-governmental organizations to coordinate efforts and share information to be more effective in the fight with human trafficking.


The task force recognizes the urgency of raising awareness of human trafficking in persons as a violation of human rights, advocating for further measures at the state and federal levels to address the underlying causes of human trafficking, and expanding services available for victims through law enforcement encounters.


We are so proud of our commander! He has been appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the senate to be the newest addition to the Alabama Board of Massage Therapy. We are so grateful for another pathway opening to do our part to stop human trafficking!


Congratulations to three of our task force members. They all won Exchange Club Office of the Year for their individual departments. And our commander, Lt. Beams won this award last year. We have an amazing group!


If you would like to set up a training or awareness event, contact us!

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