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  •  Runaways:  are the most vulnerable.  Various internet sites report that one-third of all runaways are lured into sexual exploitation within 48 hours of leaving home!  This is mainly “survival sex”, trading sex for food, drugs, or shelter.

  • Children who:  “don’t fit in”.  They may be from abusive homes, neglected children, from homes where parents who may be working multiple jobs and no time to keep track of kids, or they may just be children who for whatever reason, don’t fit in.  

  • Individuals who:  are displaced or become homeless due to natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, or tornadoes.

  • Domestic Victims:  Prior domestic violence or sexual assault victims.  Studies show that over 70% of human trafficking victims have been sexually abused as children.  (The study also showed that over 70% of traffickers were reported to have been sexually abused as children as well.)

  • The Un-educated:  People with little or no education.  Very prevalent in the Labor Trafficking Industry.

  • Individuals who:  Are lured by false promises of lucrative jobs, stability, education, or a love relationship.

  • Kidnapped:  For the purpose of sexual exploitation.


  • History of sexual abuse, neglect or domestic violence

  • Family background in commercial sex

  • Displaced by social or natural disaster

  • Is part of an undocumented, stateless, or ostracized group

  • Poverty or family economic strain

  • Unstable or inconsistent family conditions (i.e., parental absence or neglect, substance abuse, physical/sexual/emotional abuse, multiple foster homes)

  • Running away or truancy

  • Low self-esteem or self-worth

  • Experimenting with risky sexual behaviors or drugs



  • Male, female, adults, or children.

  • 80% of human trafficking victims are females.

  • The average age of entry into sex trafficking as a victim is 11 – 14 years of age, and exploitation can continue for years.

  • Experts advise that there are an estimated 300,000 children at risk of being exploited into prostitution each year.

  • Diverse ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds.

  • Foreign or domestic citizens.

  • Documented and undocumented immigrants.


  • Strip clubs, exotic dancing, pornography

  • Begging

  • Online ads, chat services and porn sites

  • Escort or dating services

  • Domestic labor (housecleaning, childcare, elderly care)

  • Restaurants or bars

  • The streets

  • Factories, sweatshops, or agricultural work

  • Businesses such as hotel/motels, massage parlors, nail salons


  • Is under 18 years old and performs commercial sex acts

  • Is excessively monitored or controlled by parents, a supposed guardian or older partner or “sponsor” who claims to provide for their upbringing and needs, or who insists on speaking for them or being present at all times

  • Detached or (suddenly) isolated from majority of family members and friends

  • Is unable to give answers about their schedules or living and work locations/conditions; appears to possibly work and live in the same building or location

  • Has numerous inconsistencies in his/her story; contradictory personal information (age, place of birth, family life)

  • Has excessive security measures at his/her home or work (i.e., security cameras, boarded or covered windows); constant traffic of men at his/her home or work location

  • Noticeable change in dress, jewelry, hair or nails without explainable source of income

  • Shows signs of physical or sexual abuse (bruises, cuts, burns, submissiveness, jumpy, malnourishment); appears fearful, anxious, depressed, overly submissive, and avoids eye contact

  • Suffers from substance abuse problems (alcohol and/or drugs), an array of other psychological disorders, sexually transmitted diseases, or chronic illnesses

  • Carries multiple hotel key cards, lots of money, sharp objects (weapons)

  • Sudden presence of an older boyfriend

  • Tattoo with a name that is not their own; or that he/she is reluctant to explain

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